Thursday, February 10, 2011

Poker New Tips

Are you frustrated that you are having difficulty making money playing Holdem? Well these Texas Hold Em poker tips are sure to help you with that.
You can instantly increase you success at Holdem by going out and reading and learning new Texas Hold Em Poker tips. But sometimes you read things you have already heard and don't get much out of them. That's why I'm going to share with you some new tips that hopefully you haven't heard before.
Texas Hold Em Poker Tips - #1 New Tip
Did you know that you are post-flop, waiting for the turn, if you just add up all your outs and multiple by four you will have an approximation of your probability of hitting those outs. This makes for quick calculations on the fly.
Texas Hold Em Poker Tips - #2 New Tip
Likewise, did you know that if you are post-turn, waiting for the river, if you add up all your outs and multiple by two you will have an estimation of your likelihood of hitting your next card for the showdown.
Texas Hold Em Poker Tips - #3 New Tip
Also, over time, when you are going for draws, as in you are waiting for the fifth card for a straight or flush, and everyone checks around to you, instead of checking (which is what 99% of people do) you should bet. This actually works out in your favour if you have an aggressive image, as you will make more from folds and also increase pot size when you do win.
Texas Hold Em Poker Tips - #4 New Tip
Another tip that you should always be doing is to not look at your hole cards. Well, this is half true. When the cards get dealt out you should be watching all the other players first, see how they react, and then look at your own cards. This puts our focus on your opponents, which is vitally important.
I hope you enjoyed these brand new tips. Imagine how it is going to feel when you win your next pot by utilizing one of these tips. You will feel on top of the world like you are a super-smart poker player.
You are probably becoming aware of how you can utilize these tips to explode your profits and win more pots more easily. Now, if you realize how important learning new tips and information about poker is, and you truly want to become a very profitable poker player, don't ever let yourself turn down an opportunity to learn new Texas Hold Em Poker tips. Because every time you do not act to learn new information about Texas Hold Em, you will become a worse player.

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